NCD Partnership

We are jointly organising the NCD Seminar 2018 with Seventh-day Adventist Conference (Singapore) this November!

All seminar and registrations details can be found here


Christian Schwarz and Rev. Loh HC signing the contract of partnership

National Church Development is a tool developed by Christian A. Schwarz. Knowing that it is God who gives growth to a church, Schwarz was eager to find out what factors God had in fact placed at the disposal of churches to facilitate growth. He attunes that since the Church is biotic in nature, her growth should be the same as that of plants, trees or any other living organism. He then did an ambitious survey of 1000 churches across the 6 continents covering 2.4 million pieces of data. These included churches of various denominations and sizes. The survey revealed that there were eight quality factors for church growth.

These are:

1. Inspiring Worship    4. Holistic Small Groups   7. Gift-oriented Ministries
2. Empowering Leadership   5. Needs Evangelism   8. Passionate Spiritualit
3. Functional Structure   6. Loving Relationships    

The survey also found that quality can be measured and that working on the minimum factor will improve the overall health of the church. It was also found that quality leads to quantity but not necessary the other way around. As a National Partner, The Harvest Force is positioned to help churches in Singapore in their growth by providing: 

• profiling services
• guiding churches in implementation plans to raise
• the standard of the minimum factor
• running seminars and courses to facilitate church growth
• sales of publications of the Instirute of Natural Church Development

NCD Resources

Books Price (S$)
Natural Church Development 33.00
Paradigm Shift in the Church 33.00
Implementation Guide to NCD 28.00
Three Colors of Ministry 18.00
Threefold Art of Experiencing God 7.00
The ABCs Of NCD 2.00

*Shipping cost will be charge depending on Location. Profiling service that includes the set of questionaires for pastor and lay workers, a report based on the completed questionaires and consultancy services via telephone and email is charged at S$240 per survey.