I Am Blessed

Benjamin Gnoh

I am Blessed- by Benjamin Gnoh

This is a testimony about how Jesus impacted the life of a 10-year old boy and shaped his character. Benjamin Gnoh was baptized in the fellowship with Christ on 7 December 2014.

Jesus has given me wisdom for me to excel in my studies. Whenever I have difficulties in my exams, I pray to God and ask Him to grant me wisdom to answer the challenging questions. God is so real, He always never fails to answer me. I have been improving step by step and this has strengthened my faith in Him and I want to follow Him even more.

I was awarded with the good character award for two consecutive years. I know this is only possible because of Jesus. I feel that Jesus loves me very much and I am favoured by Jesus.

I am also blessed with very supportive grandparents and parents who love me very much.

I want to follow Jesus because I know that it is not based on my own effort that these awards and achievements were gained, but it is God’s. With that, I trust God even more.

Jesus has a great influence over me and I want the influence to be on others too.