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NCD Partnership

The Harvest Force is the National Partner to the Natural Church Development.
Natural Church Development (NCD) is a tool developed by Christian A. Schwartz. A process rather than a program, NCD is about the non-negotiables of church development when all else is stripped away. It aims to put a stop to the toiling and spinning that so often pervades church life and replace it with unforced healthy growth based on the lessons we can learn if we take the time to ‘see how the flowers of the field grow'.

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NCD Resources

You may contact the National Partner for these surveys:

Basic Profile (Survey) and Profile Plus


NCD Insights


NCD New Results Guide


    • Natural Church Development
    • Paradigm Shift in the Church
    • Implementation Guide to NCD
    • The 3 Colours of Spirituality
    • The 3 Colours of Community
    • The 3 Colours of Leadership
    • The 3 Colours of Ministry (Gifts)
    • The 3 Colours of Love
    • All By Itself Pathway
    • Colour Your World with Natural World Development
    • How to embrace the 3 Colours of your spirituality in Your World
    • How to implement the 3 colours of Ministry in Your Small Group
    • How to use the 3 Colours of Ministry in a Mentoring Relationship
    • Paradigm Shift in the Church
    • The Threefold Art of Experiencing God
    • Natural Church Development: A Guide to 8 Essential Quality of a Healthy Church

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